[slscripters] llEmail() queue failure rate increased (again)

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[slscripters] llEmail() queue failure rate increased (again)

Fred Allandale
I have also discovered several of my servers stopped receiving emails from
other regions today.  Seems to have followed the rolling restarts today.
Incidence is much higher today than in past few weeks.  I really hope
someone is looking into this as it is seriously impacting a lot of my
customers as well as any other products that use llEmail for cross-sim
object-to-object communications.

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This morning 8 out of 26 of my email-based updaters were not receiving
email AGAIN. Before today there have only been very occasional queue
blockages, maybe one a week. Which is in fact very high, historically.

In addition I am actually monitoring about 320 email based servers across
the grid and MANY have stopped receiving email as of some time today. I
don't have a count for you so I don't know the extent of the damage but my
guess based on the fact that so many boxes on so many sims were affected
today, that this is another serious event that is going to totally screw up
LOTS of email based updaters etc. across the grid.

This problem really is getting out of hand in the last month or two. At
this rate I doubt there will be any email servers on the grid that work at
all. 8 servers this month, 8 more servers next month (who knows?), soon
they'll all be dead, if I wasn't monitoring and fixing them 24/7.
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