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Argent Stonecutter
> on it, Mind you, certain features were left out that SHOULD have been
> no-brainers to put in, like decent array and string-handling, but even
> so, there's no other open-source (or semi-open-source) language that
> does what LSL does, as far as I know.

Well, actually, there are quite a few. The oldest language I used  
that satisfies the same kind of real-time requirements as LSL was  
Polyforth, and most MUDs include a finely scheduled multitasking  
language using language-specific user-level threads. But most of them  
would raise more of the same kind of coder hackles than LSL does.  
Just imagine:

state running
state default default begin
NULL_KEY variable owner
: state_entry owner NULL_KEY = if llGetOwner owner ! then ;
: touch_start drop 0 llDetectedKey owner = if " Hello Boss." owner  
llInstantMessage running state! then ;
running begin

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